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Telefonas:(315) 52763
Darbo laikas:I-V 8.00-18.00

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D. Mikulėnienės IĮ
Užuolankos g. 15-30, LT-62111 Alytus, Atstumas: 70 m, Tel.: (315) 51703
Danties linija, UAB
S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno g. 3-2, LT-62137 Alytus, Atstumas: 250 m, Tel.: (315) 74774
A. Bozienės IĮ
Jotvingių g. 9, LT-62116 Alytus, Atstumas: 510 m, Tel.: (315) 27411
K. Paršeliūnienės odontologijos kabinetas
Tvirtovės g. 13-17, LT-63232 Alytus, Atstumas: 580 m, Tel.: (315) 26883
V. Stadulienės IĮ
Suvalkų g. 52, LT-62121 Alytus, Atstumas: 900 m, Tel.: (315) 71466
R. Jaciunskienės IĮ
Suvalkų g. 52, LT-62121 Alytus, Atstumas: 900 m, Tel.: (315) 71466
V. Lapėnienės IĮ
Rugių g. 16, LT-62121 Alytus, Atstumas: 990 m, Tel.: (315) 22448
R. Matulevičienės firma
Topolių g. 5A-2, LT-63337 Alytus, Atstumas: 1120 m, Tel.: (315) 37585
R. Gegužienės IĮ
Topolių g. 11-2, LT-63336 Alytus, Atstumas: 1150 m, Tel.: (315) 36248
A. Kasiulynienės odontologijos kabinetas, IĮ
Topolių g. 5-21, LT-63337 Alytus, Atstumas: 1170 m, Tel.: (315) 24776
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Rebecca, wanted to share this review I wrote on ILHL on Facebook Bookshelf:"More proof that well-researched, well-written non-fiction is worth more than the going market rate for a book. The shear immensity of the sources and notes in Ms. Skloot's first book tells me she exhibited a level of concentrated thought, commitment, vision and self-discipline that most of us semi-ADD-addled mere mortals could only dream of. For all that time and dedication, we should each pay her $100 to share in what she found out over the years she spent in creating this work of art. The book raises some interesting questions about who owns the tissues and fluids routinely taken from your body, as well as shines light on the amazing inequity of knowledge and awareness between those with enough education to ask questions of their medical professionals and those without enough to be so bold. The history of a seemingly simple procedure that produced immortal cells upon which so much medical progress is based is compelling enough. Add to that the tragic family history, the glimpses into the slave and tobacco trades, the evolution of medicine and the decline of towns and cities and you have all one could ask for in a balanced read. Highly recommended!"To that I would add congrats on the plot design, the chapter timeline graphics, and the recruitment of a small army to read and fact check for you. All were done to perfection. Awesome results in this your first book! [url=http://freeconsumerreviews.org/zquiet-couch/]zquiet snoring[/url] zquiet testimonials Your films are brilliant. Just brilliant. It's too bad that studios would rather spend money on stupid buddy-cop cookie-cutter features marketed to fourteen year olds. I'm grateful there's an artist like you making authentic films.

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